Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, also known as Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Web Marketing, Search Engine Marketing,
E-marketing & Social Media marketing, is referred to as the marketing of products or services over the Internet.

Having your website is the basic start and your identity in World Wide Web, its like having your Product or Service catalogue online, but to reach your customer and to get your industry related visitor in your website you need have presence on your top most website by direct marketing or indirect marketing.

Direct Marketing: it’s refer to advertisement on various digital media from there you will get the instance and immediate visibility and visitors on your website, such as google adword, yahoo ad center,, Facebook Sponsored ad. Youtube sponsored video marketing. But to make the direct presence you need good budget to initiate.

Indirect marketing: it’s refer to marketing of your product and services on search engine, social media marketing, emailing, writing blogs, creating and submitting articles, Social Book marking.








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